Dr. Davis Capaccioli of Peak EyeCare announced his treatment of Evaporative Dry Eye, one of the main types of Dry Eye Disease. Evaporative Dry Eye means that you are likely producing plenty of tears, but the tears that you are producing are of poor quality and evaporating too fast. There are two types of Dry Eye Disease, aqueous deficient and evaporative. However, 83% of all dry eye patients have an evaporate component to their dry eye. Specialized equipment and microscopic observation allows Dr. Capaccioli to detect Evaporative Dry Eye and form a unique treatment plan.

During a visit at Peak EyeCare, patients are asked if they have any irritation, dryness, redness, or watery eyes. If so, Dr. Cap (as his patients refer to him as) and his staff perform a five minute dry eye screening test with the Oculus K5M. The machine first takes a picture and measures the tear meniscus height or the amount of tears that are resting on the lower eyelid between blinks. A normal reading is at least 0.26mm. If the height is less than 0.20mm, it is evidence of insufficient tears and likely that an aqueous deficient component to the dryness is present. Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye means that the eyes are not producing enough tears from the lacrimal glands (located between your upper eyelid and your eyebrow).

Once the tear meniscus height is measured, the Oculus K5M then measures the amount of time it takes for the tears to evaporate. In a normal, healthy eye, Dr. Cap wants tears to remain stable for more than 15 seconds. For patients with Evaporative Dry Eye, the tears will break up much quicker, sometimes in less than five seconds.

Next, an infrared image of the Meibomian Glands (the glands responsible for secreting the protective oil layer for your tear film) is captured, along with a high resolution photograph of the eyelash. All of these images are then reviewed, in detail, on large, flat screen monitors in the exam room. Dr. Capaccioli explains what he is seeing to the patient and offers the best course of treatment given their unique ocular situation.

Dr. Capaccioli is passionate about the diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease and its management. He created Peak EyeCare to provide premiere dry eye treatment options for all of his patients. Visit Dr. Cap and his friendly staff at their Main Avenue location or find them on the web at PeakDurango.com.